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Hey there, come on in

Well, this is the blog.

I’ve had blogs before. I had a very personal LiveJournal for a long time, especially when I was going through some bad personal stuff. Before that I had a Blogger account which was a bit more slice-of-life. In the past I’ve also been guilty of posting steadily about web development issues, and I even ran a site which featured dozens of non-fiction articles about Sci-fi and Fantasy literature.

But this one, this is just me. This is a hybrid of all of those things, plus all the lessons I am learning from my business life, and my new, more motivational attitude.

Yes, you’ll have to do the hard work of clicking through to the category you want to read in, and some days you might arrive to a new post about something so outside your area you may feel it’s pointless coming back, and that’s your right. But it’s a journey, after all. And you and me, well, we’re probably going to get along just fine. Come on in.

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