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I love my desk

I have a large office desk at home. I inherited it from an old internet cafe I used to run, and it used to seat two customers! It’s a bit unwieldy, but I know I really need it for several reasons:

1. All my business stuff can fit on it at once.

I know if I have several locations for things it doesn’t work out too well because I’m lazy and can’t be arsed getting up to get things in other places so I put tasks off. It has my printer, a handful of books I am currently using, my in-trays, my magazine files and room for my computer and my laptop.

Everything is to hand, there is no excuse.

2. It is deep.

I like to have something to lean over – I have always been crap at the whole good posture and elbows off the table thing.

I also love that I have room to spread out all of the aspects of my current project so I can take them all in at once, it helps to keep them straight in my mind.

This also allows me to have my laptop on the table, and use the monitor as a second screen – seriously invaluable for coding tasks.

3. It is long enough for one end to be piled up with stuff, yet the other to still be usable.

I am not that great at being tidy. One end will pile up with unfiled things, and stuff I just set down temporarily which becomes permanent, and receipts, etc. But the desk is big enough that I can’t use that pile as an excuse not to use my computer and get on with things. If I have enough free time sometimes the desk stays clear for weeks, and the rest of the time I just periodically clear out the pile that has accumulated.

4. It is in front of a window.

Okay, so this isn’t a feature of the desk itself, and God knows it has compromised the aesthetic of the rest of the room, but I find it so invaluable to be able to look out of the window. The amount of light keeps me awake and engaged. The scene is mostly clouds and the tops of a couple of trees, but just being able to look out at something and daydream now and again makes me feel less gloomy and more interested in what I’m doing.

Is your desk working for you? Are there changes you could make that would make it even better?

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