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I will speak at your event (probably)

This post collects all the nitty gritty details about asking me to speak at your event.

For charitable events with no/low entry fee I will speak for travel/accomodation expenses. For corporate sponsored events or those with ticketed entry fees it will be my current day rate + travel/accomodation – email me and let me know dates and what you are looking for.

Obviously I reserve the right to say no due to diary clashes, personal reasons, etc.

I have set talks on the following topics:

How To Win Every Time At Hackathons

(motivational, 10 mins)

Talks about getting a catchy idea, using the time well, but explains that in the end the real benefit is actually the acquired skills, exposure to new tech, networking, social and community aspect.

Opening Your Business (things to watch out for)

(45 minutes)

This talk covers a lot of the lessons I learned as I started out in business, in tech, product and in food production. It aims to be an introduction to mistakes that are easy for new entrepreneurs to avoid, if only someone tells you about them.

Selling with confidence (at your market stall/shop)

(motivational, 25 mins)

I know your shy, introverted heart is laid bare when the precious things you make are pushed out into the world for sale, but even you can sell them effectively, and without an ounce of arrogance or hard-sell, I promise. Let me show you how.

User experience design in VR

(beginner, 45 minutes)

User Interface and User Experience are so entangled in VR, and as a developer you can affect more than you think from within the Engine. Like good code standards, we should take pride in only producing VR games which implement good basic practice for user comfort, and all the major manufacturers have issued best practice guidelines. This presentation takes a look at some of the new challenges VR presents, and how you can compensate for them in your code and in your design. Forewarned is forearmed.

I will also talk in general about cyber security, VR, game development, running a business, running a food/product business, branding, useful automation and survival tricks when you’re a sole trader with no employees.

I will not talk about being a woman in security/VR/games/tech/business/anything unless there is a large speaker fee available (not even for charity), as it does not lie within my area of interest and opens me up to personal attack.


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