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My first ever event was last week: Cybersecurity in the Age of AI.

Seriously nervous. Mum was ill & ended up at emergency docs before, so went in late, the door was at the front and squeaked loudly, the whole room turned to look, there were no seats, I had to rustle past a giant fake plant at the back to get one… was expecting Benny Hill music or Jeremy Beadle to pop out any second! And there were hardly any women. Talk about awkward.

It was a great event though. Really amazing to hear how things are organised at a national and governmental level, how AI will affect Threat Intelligence in the future, and what people are working on locally. Really covered a lot for me, I’m so glad I still made it! And people were really very friendly afterward, despite my comedy arrival!

This is going to be a great year!

(Mum is fine again too, btw. She had a wee heart arrhythmia, but she’s home again.)

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