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Thursday was my first Belfast Cryptoparty.

Almost didn’t make it, because seriously where has summer gone? It was lashing it down and cold, and bed was warm and had fluffy socks and ice cream and mindless telly. Really glad I went though! Lots of interesting stuff about government investigatory powers, surveillance, etc vs what is necessary and what actually works. How they’re ignoring advice (no shock there, then). Lots of questions around ethics. Then an interesting run down of some hardware and basic VPN/Tor/general anonymising stuff. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say about what we actually did ?

Was great to see some friends there, and even better to meet some new people who turned out to be wonderfully normal and lovely, and not massive ‘well actually’ nerds ?
Even better, a bunch of great people had done my course the year or two before and were able to give some awesome insight into the course and the lecturers, which was enormously useful. Apparently everyone from the year before is successfully employed too, which is good to hear ?

And they gave me a Black Duck! It’s ALL REAL now, people. This is REALLY HAPPENING to me! *squeeeeee*

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