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Company lanyards are not event swag!

I’ve been to a couple of events in the past 18 months at which I got a shiny company lanyard and a pen for going. Thanks!

Do you think if I add a badge holder and a reasonable looking ID the shared-lobby security guard will question me if I walk through to the elevator?

Is he trained to always ask new faces who they are? What if I just tell him I’m from the US office? That I’m a new hire? What if I distract him by handing him a large box, would he mind helping, so sorry to ask?

How about the cleaners? The delivery people who use the back doors? Would they mind holding the door a second, I just need to nip back in and grab the photocopies I left behind…? Do they know which lanyards are the ‘right colour’ for employees? Do they know what your ‘real’ employee IDs look like?

Have you spent thousands of pounds on high-tech security products to prevent intrusions, but accidentally given easy physical access to hardcopy/open USB drives/passwords on post-its/whiteboards with plans?

Sure, I could probably just get your company logo printed on a lanyard, if I was really determined. BUT DON’T MAKE IT EASIER BY HANDING THEM OUT!

Do you have at least ONE door between the outside world and your office that requires employee authentication? If not, what is your risk mitigation strategy, and who is responsible for it?

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