Everything is in flux, and it’s an exciting time to be alive.

After months in this cocoon of thought (should I start another business, is this game viable, how can I make a VR company work) a butterfly has finally emerged. A company has been incorporated, bank accounts set up, equipment moved, code forked, and credit card bills racked up.

My first simple meanderings of Unity code have been transformed by a professional team into beautiful AI sliders and blend trees. In fact the tiny MVP project goals I had for the first two weeks have been knocked right out of the ball park in the first two days, which absolutely fills me with indescribable joy for the project. I am so excited to show everyone.

In the meantime now, the pressure is on me to get Steam and Viveport and all the other branding and marketing support stuff sorted in time to meet the end of the development window, so we’re not spending time dead in the water.

In addition, there’s follow up funding and sponsorship to be investigating, and cross-platform development that needs to happen that will also need hardware and financial support. I also need to look at VR events we can demo at, and whether we can find a way to do this on a budget when we’re essentially on a different island to almost the entire rest of the world. All this stuff needs time and attention.

Development updates here as they happen! 🙂