See us at 3D camp Dublin

Come along and try out the Kitten Time demo at 3D camp Dublin!


A terrific time was had in Dublin, thank you so much to James Corbett for the invitation, and to everyone who kindly came and tried out the demo and gave useful feedback. Special thanks also to Nigel McAlpine, who was a massive help with the Vive setup not once but twice, since it had to be moved due to interference!
It’s so lovely to see everyone’s delighted reaction when the kittens roll over and purr, and really reinforces all the work we put into tweaking the haptics. We got some useful tips on what we will need to include in a tutorial for people less used to the Vive and VR teleporting in general, and there are always interesting things to learn from which objects people are drawn to interact with.

As always it was great to see good friends from the game dev community, too, and gratifying to hear them say unexpectedly nice things about our stage of development. Love you lots!

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