NI Game Awards!

We were delighted to show the Kitten Time demo on a Vive at last night’s NI Game Awards event. It’s rewarding to see that people are still enthusiastic about the idea of kittens in VR, and that oooh and ahhh noise they make when petting them is still just as gratifying! It was especially nice that it was one person’s first experience in VR, and they were suitably blown away by it.

We’re looking forward to having a captive local audience when we have larger changes to show!

NI Developer Conference

Wheeee…. I just did a massive talk about VR development! Well… it felt massive, because it was in the main room and it was the final talk of the whole conference! But it was great. I had to water things down a little so as not to lose people along the journey, as VR is not too mainstream yet, but I think they did okay! Here’s a link!

User Interface and User Experience are so entangled in VR, and as a developer you can affect more than you think from within the Engine. Like good code standards, we should take pride in only producing VR games which implement good basic practice for user comfort, and all the major manufacturers have issued best practice guidelines. This presentation takes a look at some of the new challenges VR presents, and how you can compensate for them in your code and in your design. Forewarned is forearmed.

Glenn also demoed Kitten Time in a side room, and had some really amazing comments. And the conference as a whole was teriffic. Just full of great developers who really know their stuff and are sharing with each other. Brilliant day!